IT services that enable
you to scale

Helpdesk Support

Get instant access to an expert at the click of a button and get technical support for your everyday problems .

Our help desk team are available immediately to help your team with their everyday issues including password and login problems, challenges with your printer, running new software updates and onboarding new team members / off boarding leavers.

So, your team members can have their IT problems fixed quickly and free-up their time to focus on preparing meetings, managing projects and their own deliverables.

You can reach out to us directly via the helpdesk, but if you prefer to speak to a human, we’re also just a phone call away.

Optimising Network Performance

In the pursuit of efficiency, having fast computers is crucial but with a slow network, the time saved can quickly be lost when trying to transfer files, run a video conference, print or do any other day to day things during your time in the office.

Efficiency is paramount in today’s world. Fast computers are essential, but with a slow network, undertaking everyday tasks like file transfers, video conferences and printing can be incredibly slow and cause terrible frustration. In today’s digital age, the communications network is vital and it’s imperative to have a reliable and durable cabling system that outlasts other network components. We specialise in the design and implementation of high-quality structured cabling solutions, including Cat6a, Cat7, and Fibre, specifically tailored for 1Gbps, 10Gbps and faster networks. Our primary objective is to optimise your network’s performance, ensuring seamless and efficient data transmission.

Cyber Security

Cyber-attacks or breaches are on the rise according to recent surveys by the UK Government and with attacks becoming more frequent, sophisticated and targeted; the need for robust cybersecurity has never been more critical.

We will work with you and take care of firewall management, intrusion detection, vulnerability assessments, data encryption, software updates and security patching and ensuring your company’s digital assets & intellectual property aren’t compromised because your defences are fully up to date and effective.

By working with you and ensuring your security, you can dedicate your valuable time and energy to what matters most to you.

IP Networking

Remote Access and Efficient Information Sharing

Advancements in technology, coupled with affordable high-performance internet connections, have transformed the way organisations collaborate and share information. With the right infrastructure in place, remote access to office systems and data can significantly boost operational efficiency. Leveraging our expertise in Access Security Products, we ensure the implementation of secure systems that enable clients and staff members to remotely access the office whilst safeguarding data from intrusions.

Our unwavering commitment lies in delivering advanced IP networking solutions that empower secure remote access, seamless data sharing, and efficient collaboration for your continued success.

Cloud & Server Management

Save money on capex, power, security and additional staff by storing your business data in the cloud.

Your business data is hosted outside of your premises and is instantly accessible online, presenting the perfect solution if you have introduced hybrid working practices in your company or place of business.

With a number of different cloud options available, it can be a minefield trying to figure these out alone.

Which is why after a consultation with us to establish your needs and future growth plans, we can advise which of the major vendors is best suited to you.

Backup Recovery

To safeguard your valuable information and never lose vital data, an active management strategy for data backup is absolutely critical.

We offer full data back up and highly specialised local and cloud based replication services which are available to you if a true disaster strikes.

We can also help you by handling the setup, configuration, monitoring, and maintenance of servers.

Offsite remote backups offer you the opportunity to store your business data remotely, safeguarding your critical information and ensuring data recovery in case of an unforeseen disaster.

Information Security as a Service

When our clients pitch or bid for new business they are frequently asked to complete RFIs and RFPs to provide detailed information about the cybersecurity practices and policies they have in place.

These serve a vital purpose for the ultimate client: ensuring their suppliers adhere to rigorous security protocols to prevent the hacking and theft of highly sensitive data. By demonstrating they have high level cyber security practices and appropriate policies in place, our clients instil confidence in potential partners and customers.

Navigating the technical complexities of completing these RFIs and RFPs can be a daunting task and often need to be completed fast. We specialise in completing these RFIs (Request for Information), RFPs (Request for Proposal), and can assist in formulating comprehensive policy documentation and processes.

By helping you with these critical tasks, you can save valuable time and resources and you can confidently address the cybersecurity requirements in pitch and bid requests, positioning your organisation as a trusted and secure partner in the eyes of new and potential clients.

Cyber Essentials Certification

Cyber Essentials is a certification scheme in the United Kingdom that validates an organisation's commitment to maintaining a minimum level of cybersecurity protection.

Supported by the UK government and overseen by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), Cyber Essentials (and Cyber Essentials Plus) serve as a proactive initiative to promote the adoption of sound information security practices among organisations.

If you are truly serious about protecting your business and client data from cyber threats, the Cyber Essentials certification is a simple investment in your business.

It ensures rigorous standards and process and showcases your true commitment to robust cyber security.

By achieving Cyber Essentials+ Certification, you enhance your defence against cyber threats, demonstrate proactive compliance with GDPR, and reinforce your commitment to safeguarding clients’ sensitive data.

The certification provides a competitive advantage by instilling confidence in your clients, and new business prospects.

From a commercial standpoint, Cyber Essentials+ Certification is an easy way to build more trust with clients and attract new business if you need to complete RFIs and RFPs.

In some cases, new business prospects will choose your services over competitors who don’t have Cyber Essentials+ Certification, allowing you to secure more work and generate new income streams.


A poorly optimised IT infrastructure can lead to slow system performance, network bottlenecks, and frequent downtime.

These issues can disrupt workflow and hamper employee productivity, resulting in delays in completing tasks and projects, leaving your organisation lagging behind it’s competitors.

Compromised customer data, increased maintenance costs, slow website loading times, system glitches and reputational damage are all direct consequences of having a poorly optimised IT infrastructure.

What worked and was sufficient for networks a few years ago, can often struggle under the new demands of increased videoconferencing in today’s working environment and this is even more pronounced when a business scales and experiences huge growth.

 As your organisation grows, your infrastructure will need to evolve as you experience increased demand, process more work and handle more data.

 Your infrastructure encompasses a wide range of essential IT components, from physical hardware such as laptops, screens and cables, to the core network infrastructure, servers, firewalls, storage solutions and video conferencing rooms and areas.

 Our highly specialised team can develop a bespoke, robust, and well-integrated infrastructure for you.

 By managing and optimising your devices, on-premise networks, cloud environments and software apps you’ll get the jumpstart you need to scale your business whilst ensuring utmost security, reliability, and seamless operation.

System Design & Installations

Enhance cross-collaboration and optimise your new offices, conference rooms, studios and post production facilities through bespoke system design and installation upgrades.

In today’s competitive business landscape, efficient collaboration and speed of execution can be the difference between success and failure.

Our world class system design and installation team will transform your business.

You will get seamless communication, instant file sharing, and collaboration among colleagues across different studios, locations and time zones like you’ve never seen before.

By incorporating cutting-edge technologies and optimising your office space, facility, studio or conference room setup, we create an environment that nurtures creativity, fosters teamwork, and accelerates project timelines.

In doing so, we supercharge your business, helping you become more competitive and putting you in prime position to take on more clients and grow your organisation because you now have the in-house capability to process work faster than you ever thought possible.

Production and Postproduction

Whether you’re capturing raw footage or audio for films, videos, or commercials.

Or editing sound or visual effects, colour grading or undertaking other processes to refine and enhance your raw footage…

 We know you need top of the range hardware, software and a superior infrastructure to ensure lightning speed file transfer, collaborative editing, and real-time rendering.

 With a combined 60 years experience in the production and postproduction industry, we can set up and manage an IT infrastructure including network design and configuration, server setup, storage solutions, and high-performing Macs, PCs and Render Farms  so we fully optimise your production and post-production workflows helping you deliver the highest quality work faster than ever.

We are also skilled in cloud based postproduction and can help you create a flexible, demand led cloud editing environment to enable you to swiftly expand and contract your post infrastructure as and when required.