Our case studies

Fuelling Efficiency, Speed, and Seamless Content Delivery for a Growing Production Agency


The Context

With increasing business demand our client, a production studio, needed bigger premises and new facilities to enhance the quality of their production and post-production departments and deliver project work with unmatched efficiency and speed.

Their current video studio, control gallery, two edit suites and a graphics suite functioned as separate entities which resulted in slower turnaround of projects to clients.

They wanted to improve the workflow so files, project assets and media could be transferred faster and increase the speed at which projects could be delivered.

They also needed to work in 4K or better based on client demand.

This would generate significant amounts of data but without a data storage solution it would slow down the transfer of files to the production team, delay the delivery of client projects and interrupt streaming and broadcasting.

If these bottlenecks were not addressed, it could have a critical impact on their business growth, client relationships and business reputation.

The Solution

Combining their existing studio equipment and with new technology, we designed and fitted a bespoke studio setup making best use of the new space in the most cost-effective way possible.

The project not only involved bespoke Broadcast Studio Design but creating a complex network setup to enhance communication between all production and broadcast hardware within their studio.

We designed a mixed Fibre, 10 Gigabit Ethernet and 1 Gigabit Ethernet network with in excess of 18km of cable to enable all machines to link together seamlessly and send and receive 4K media instantly.

We also specified and commissioned a Production Server storing in excess of 160TB of data, feeding this to 6 different production areas simultaneously and allowing each area access to the most up-to-date information instantly.

All data is backed up to the Cloud and is accessible off premises whilst local backups are continually made to ensure that production is not interrupted in the event of hardware failure.

Finally, we separated out all Production and Non Production data using VLANs and ensured that separated leased lines gave streaming functions a dedicated line but also a failover to ensure uninterrupted, seamless operation in the event of internet downtime.

The production studio are now able to generate 10 times their current level of media content using their existing infrastructure which allows for increased efficiency, and improved productivity across all production areas, their business to scale even further.

Enabling Fluid Collaboration for a Media Client's Exponential Growth


The Context

The media client we partnered with were operating on a mixture of Macs and PCs.

Because all the company’s assets were digital and a significant portion of their employees worked remotely, not all their digital assets were easily accessible in one place.

This caused headaches for staff who worked together on publishing projects but couldn’t gain instant access to critical files, resulting in slower delivery of their publishing projects.

All their digital assets (including very large media files) needed to be preserved and protected but also available to everyone regardless of their location to ensure seamless collaboration of mobile and remote workers.

Being in a period of exponential growth, our client needed a solution that was both scalable and cost effective.

The Solution

The preservation and protection of their digital assets was paramount.

Given the sheer size and quantity of these files, the obvious solution was a traditional server setup with a local and remote backup and VPN into the main office.

But this would have been way too expensive for the publishing start-up who just wouldn’t be able to afford this kind of setup.

In order to help them compete effectively, it was essential to find a highly secure and user-friendly file storing system which would transform their way of working without incurring skyrocketing costs.

We introduced our client to Dropbox in 2011 and became one of the first adopters of Dropbox for Business in the UK.

We worked closely with them in the early stages when Dropbox only ran support through office hours in San Francisco.

With Dropbox being adaptable across any platform, it’s seamless collaboration capability for team members and an undo facility if files were accidentally deleted, it was the perfect solution.

To date, our client has not lost a single digital file, their disaster recovery plan is robust and straightforward and their insurance premium has plummeted as a direct consequence, saving them tens of thousands of pounds.

They have now grown to over 80 members and with their continued growth we have become a fully integrated part of their business, supporting them with their ever changing and increasingly complex needs.

With our commitment to really delving into the core of our client’s needs we delivered a bespoke solution, significantly enhancing their efficiency by improving network performance, reliability, communication, security and scalability.

Optimising Efficiency for an award winning Independent Creative Agency


The Context

Over a 15-year period, the agency's infrastructure had grown organically, resulting in a combination of high-spec hardware and underspecified legacy equipment. This setup hampered their ability to work efficiently and meet client project deadlines. Recognising the need for improvement, the agency sought our expertise but lacked a clear starting point.

The Solution

Server Upgrades: We assessed the agency's servers and determined that by expanding storage capacity through memory upgrades, they could handle larger data volumes and multiple requests simultaneously. This increased computing power facilitated faster application loading and seamless multitasking, eliminating crashes and improving overall efficiency.

Compatibility Enhancement: The agency's team members worked on a mix of Mac and PC operating systems, leading to compatibility issues and hampered collaboration. To address this, we upgraded the server software, enabling seamless file sharing, application access, and collaboration across different devices. This streamlined workflows, boosted productivity, and accelerated project turnaround times.

Network Optimisation: We updated all network switches and reduced the number of secondary switches, resulting in increased bandwidth capacity. This enhanced network performance, allowing smoother data transfer, minimised network interruptions, and improved workflow efficiency. Additionally, the upgraded switches provided enhanced security features, safeguarding sensitive information and maintaining business continuity.

Standardised Software: We updated all team members' computers to a common Mac OS and Office Suite, ensuring compatibility, collaboration, and streamlined workflows. This standardised software environment improved efficiency and facilitated seamless communication and file sharing.

Hybrid/Cloud Storage Solution: Given the agency's need for flexibility and scalability, we implemented a Hybrid/Cloud Storage model, allowing data storage both on-site and in the cloud. This cost-effective and secure solution ensured continuous access to critical data in case of storage system failures or outages. It also enabled remote teams to access and share files from anywhere, enhancing collaboration and productivity.

Wi-Fi Network and Mobile Repeater Upgrades: To improve connectivity, we upgraded the agency's Wi-Fi network, providing faster access to digital assets, rapid data transfer, and efficient project completion. We also installed a mobile repeater to enhance mobile reception (their building was in a notoriously bad mobile signal blackspot), call quality, and data speeds, enabling smoother communication with clients and seamless access to critical business resources.

Our comprehensive solution resulted in significant improvements for the agency:

• Faster project turnaround times and enhanced efficiency between departments and team members.

• Improved collaboration and seamless file sharing across different devices and operating systems

• Scalable infrastructure supporting future business growth

• Enhanced security measures ensuring data privacy and compliance with GDPR regulations

• Increased connectivity and faster access to digital assets, facilitating efficient project completion

• Improved mobile reception and data speeds, enabling seamless communication with clients

Through our strategic approach and tailored solutions, our client transformed their efficiency, collaboration, and project turnaround times.

By upgrading their infrastructure, standardising software, and implementing hybrid/cloud storage solutions, we provided a solid foundation for their continued growth. The agency can now confidently navigate the evolving landscape of the creative industry, meeting client expectations and achieving their ambitious goals.

Collaboration and Efficiency: A Successful Data Migration from Microsoft and Egnyte to Google


Our client, a creative agency, historically relied on both Microsoft 365 and Egnyte, for their email and storage needs.


Whilst this combination is a great solution for many of our clients, operational considerations meant it made more commercial sense for this client to migrate to Google.


As well as presenting a comprehensive solution that involved migrating the agency's data from Egnyte to Google's platform, we also transitioned nearly 300 mailboxes from Microsoft to Google to consolidate their working environment and streamline operations.


The key components of our solution involved:

Data Migration to Google: We meticulously planned the secure and seamless transfer of 15 terabytes of business data from Egnyte to Google's cloud infrastructure. This migration encompassed data mapping, preservation of file hierarchies, and extensive testing to minimise disruptions to the client's ongoing operations.

Mailbox Migration to Google: To consolidate the agency's working environment and optimise collaboration, we facilitated the migration of the entire mail platform from Microsoft to Google. This transition ensured a unified platform for communication and simplified data management.

Training: After delivering the successful data migration to Google, we understood that adopting new technology can be daunting for any organisation. To ensure our client's team could fully leverage the power of Google's platform, we provided comprehensive training sessions tailored to their specific needs. Through personalised demonstrations, and hands-on guidance, we empowered their staff to confidently navigate and use the new collaborative tools and features available.

Custom Videos: Recognising the importance of ongoing support and learning, we created custom video tutorials specifically designed for our client. These videos served as a valuable resource, offering step-by-step instructions and tips on various aspects of using Google's platform effectively. By providing easily accessible and visually engaging content, we aimed to facilitate continuous learning and maximise the client's proficiency with the new tools.

Leveraging Strategic Partnerships to Provide Comprehensive Support to a Brand Consultancy Across Different Time Zones


In today's interconnected business landscape, catering to clients located in different time zones is essential for sustained growth and success.

We successfully onboarded a client with offices in two time zones by establishing a strategic partnership with an IT solutions company in the United States.

Spearheading the partnership enabled us to leverage combined expertise and resources to provide uninterrupted services and timely support to our new client, regardless of geographical location.

In doing so, we embarked on an extensive search to find a like-minded IT Solutions Company that aligned with our values, possessed a robust track record and a demonstrated ability to deliver exceptional service.

With the strategic partnership in place, we successfully onboarded the brand consultancy. The combined expertise and resources allowed for a seamless transition, ensuring that the client's operations were not disrupted during the onboarding process. The teams from both companies worked together closely, coordinating efforts to understand the client's needs and deliver customised solutions.

Tailored IT Support by our London Based Spanish Speakers for an International NGO with Offices in Peru


The language barrier between the NGO’s existing UK Inhouse IT support and the NGO’s team members based in Peru lead to incorrect diagnosis of problems, confusion of the steps needed to correct problems and faults and a limited understanding of operational issues. 


Despite attempts to rely on Google Translate, these problems persisted causing immense frustration for both parties involved.


Our technical team – some of whom boast Spanish as their mother tongue -  stepped in, provided the NGO with the necessary communication bridge and provided quality IT support to the Peruvian team in Spanish with complete understanding from all parties..


By understanding the context, effectively communicating requirements, and swiftly addressing issues, we eliminated the language barrier and ensured seamless collaboration.


Our partnership with the NGO continues with our bilingual helpdesk team ensuring a prompt resolution of IT issues including password resets, computer setups, printer issues and onboarding new staff. Tools and platforms have now been standardised and are fully utilised by all parties to the benefit of all.


In fact, Dovetail has leveraged its diverse workforce to ensure that we can support clients in a number of languages – these include French, Spanish, English, Italian, Arabic, Bulgarian, Farsi, Hungarian, Latvian, Russian, Serbian and Swahili.